A Special Web Design Offer for Businesses

Cheap and high-quality usually don’t go hand in hand.

However, maybe just this once we can make an exception.

The current world events are affecting everyone differently.

Some business have moved to work from home and are full steam ahead, while others are having to cut back or shut down temporarily.

This makes it a pretty sensitive time to be trying to sell a service, especially something like web design.

Instead, I’d like to make an offer.

As you’ve likely realised, website builds can cost more than $1500 – even for something simple.

Which for the majority of companies right now, isn’t feasible.

Yet now is a perfect time to re-evaluate your marketing strategies and digital presence.

Because once this is all over, the world has to go on.

Customers will eventually need to start buying again, and businesses who can provide the best service and least friction are going to prosper.

What better way to provide these services but with a better, user-friendly website.

So rather than $1500, I’d like to offer you my service for $500.

This will get you a 3 to 4 page website like below:

Now a couple of things to keep in mind.

  1. You should already have some copy (what your website says) written up. This might be from an old wesbite, or you can write it out when I show you your new design.
  2. You have your business logo and some good images for me to add.
  3. You already have your domain, and preferrably hosting setup.

If you tick all the boxes above, easy. $500 and you have yourself a new site.

If not, don’t worry. We can sort something out to ensure you get the best deal. I work with fantastic copy-writers and graphic designers.

Book a time to call below, and we’ll get started.

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