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Who else wants a website that makes you money?

As much as people say otherwise, merely having a website isn’t going to make you rich.

Like anything, you have to do something with it to give you a return on your investment.

Otherwise, you’re stuck with a $3000 “asset” that you come to despise; with its sole purpose being to allow you to say “Oh yeah, I have a website”.

If you’re looking to get the most out of your website (or a potential new website), you’ve come to the right place.

There’s a cost to ignoring your website.

While some businesses can survive and thrive off referral’s alone, for many that’s not the case.

There will come a time when your network is dried up, and you need to go farther afield for new customers.

When the time comes, then what?

For some, you may not even have a website, and too a larger degree an outreach strategy.

You’ll be stuck scrambling for ways to find clients.

It sucks. To add to that, it often feels like the more desperate you get, the fewer people are willing to buy from you.

Or, you keep dropping your price, and it eventually becomes a race to the bottom.

Let's talk

Take away the frustration and uncertainty of building your website…

…and use it to get more customers.


Hands-on, hands-off – you choose.

Some people want to be hands-on with the build from start to finish.

While others couldn’t care, they just want something better than what they have currently.

Moonshot Media can build your custom website with ease.


Not sure what the latest buzzwords being thrown around by “SEO” experts are; and get bowled over every time you receive a report or breakdown of a campaign?

Don’t worry.

We speak English and make sure that you fully understand what’s going on during the process of getting your website to number one.

(and we don’t tell you in tech jargon).

Moonshot Media's SEO reports contain English, not jargon.

What sets me apart...

...from all the other “web design and marketing people.”

In short? There are no short cuts taken here. We code all of your websites from scratch, which gives you ultimate control over how you want your website to look.

And our websites are fast. Very fast. For example, this page loads in under 1.7 seconds on mobile, and 500ms on desktop.

Try it for yourself. Go to Google Page Speed Index and enter the URL.

Now, go to one of my competitors’ websites and run the same test. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by what you find.

Anyway, how does this help you?

Moonshot Media generating money for clients.

Take the guess work out of where your next dollar will come from.

If your businesses website is glued to the top of page one, you won't be guessing where your next dollar is coming from.

Moonshot Media can bring more customers in for your business.

Stop relying on "lead-gen" companies to get customers.

Say good-bye to websites like HiPages, Yellow Pages and the likes.

Moonshot media builds all our Wordpress templates completely from scratch.

Built on real websites.

We build your Wordpress theme form scratch. This means you get peak performance and responsiveness - so your customers actually use your website.

Moonshot Media designed my website to my exact specifications. I wanted it to be easy to read and use and I wanted it to be found very easily by people wanting my copywriting service. Callum of Moonshot Media was able to take my vague ideas and turn it into a stylish and functional reality in a very short space of time. He was very easy to deal with, efficient and created my ultimate vision with very little fuss and at a great price too. Thank you Callum and Moonshot Media – I can’t recommend you highly enough.

Henderson Freelance Media | Fiona Henderson.

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